UMG Artiste Management

Every great song begins with a great idea.     

But not every great idea will become a great song. It takes love, it takes luck but most of all it takes creative commitment. The kind of commitment that we offer our artists and writers every day the world over

We are a career-building, taste-making, artist development powerhouse. UMG plan, structure, evaluate, critique, manage, develop and promote the careers of entertainment talents; established and upcoming talents so as to help build a sustainable career.

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By creating unique brands and producing innovative new music, UMG is the entertainment industry.

Our approach

To every artist we work with, we offer a broad representation service which covers each element of the artist’s recording and performing career, negotiation and development of relationships with record labels, digital distributors, publishing companies, and booking agents.

Our central aim with the acts we work with is to ensure that their music and performance receives a high level of exposure to the audience we feel they need to reach. While we do run a core roster of key acts as a management company, our business does also on occasion provide services for artists on a project by project basis.

We are always developing innovative new relationships to help artists grow.

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We Apply Our Unique Approach To

What we do, what we implement for each artiste comes from very deep focus of PASSION OF COMMITMENT - Passion of Commitment is part of UMG's DNA

Management Services We Will Deploy in Details

UMG Management will employ multifaceted promotional strategies for Artistes and are as follows
  • Critiquing and assessing Artiste music, productions and engagements
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Working with Artiste to creatively defining artiste’s target audience
  • Record Labels representation
  • Identity design and creation for Artiste
  • Securing free and paid events for Artiste
  • Photography and visual directions
  • Promoting and laundering Artiste music and personality in the media and to the general public
  • Manage and coordinate Artiste social media accounts and promotions
  • Setting up a press kit for Artiste
  • Writing press releases for artiste events (e.g. CD release party)
  • Artiste’s Evaluation (stage performance, music direction, press interview etc)
  • Help Artiste to create budgets for artiste’s touring and recording costs
  • Stylistic and artistic input
  • Provide constructive criticism
  • Provide PR service (involving a professional PR firm)