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Who We Are

Ultra Music Group is a Talent Management and Promotional company bringing professional and highly effective solutions to talents who realize that structured talent direction and brand communication is key to successful career. Ultra Music Group is also in the act of delivering audio productions (recording, mixing and mastering) highy neccesary to bring out the very best of careers of entertainment talents.

UMG plan, structure, evaluate, critique, manage, develop and promote the careers of entertainment talents; established and upcoming talents so as to help build a sustainable career. By creating unique brands and producing innovative new music, UMG is revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

Working alongside producers, business and artiste managers, marketing executives, vocal coaches, publicists and agents, bloggers and media outfits, writers, designers, booking agencies, event producers; UMG contract-talents can fully maximize their creativity.

With deep knowledge of the entertainment industry gained over the years working with a number of established and upcoming musical talents, we are poised to deliver top-notch artistic value.

How We Work

As a talent management outfit, we can make decisions that are not only commercially sound but match the creative ambitions of our clients. We are passionate about innovation and the need to drive business forward in all areas, but also never lose focus that the music comes first.


Even the strongest song or campaign will fail without well structured and efficient administration systems. We ensure the following for effective working relationship.

• True partnership, in which artistes and management have a voice in all key decisions.
• Strong and coordinated product management team for effective result.
• The opportunity to choose marketing and press teams which best suit the project.
• No hidden charges or deductions for sales income.